Our complete guide to make special gifts to celebrate the birth or the baby shower for boys and girls.

What are the perfect ingredients for a perfect gift?

Are you looking for a gift meeting all these requirements? You're in the right place: let's begin!


Regolo Newborn is designed for parents who want an easy-to-use baby carrieer from the very first days.
Age: Designed to carry babies from birth (3.5kg) to 24 months.

  • The adjustable panel adapts to little babies, providing adequate containment and support.
  • The possibility of attaching the shoulder straps to the bottom of the panel, allows to respect the physiological position of the newborn.
  • Made of high quality natural fibers, produced with certified raw materials and dyes.

Our woven wraps are 100% designed and manufactured in Italy.
Age: usable from birth and up to 18 kg (39 lbs / about 4 years).

  • Woven from natural fibers of high quality, made with certified raw materials and dyes.
  • Machine-washable up to 40°, our slings can be dried in dryer, to ensure convenience and hygiene.
  • Versatile: can be used from birth to 18 kg / 39 lbs, adapting to the various body types of the carrier.

The must-have accessory to combine with a sling or baby carrier
What is it: The cover is perfect to carry your child with a baby wrap or a baby carrier on the coldest days, protecting them from wind and rain.
Idea: you can also use the cover as a leg cover for strollers to keep your kids warm!


What are they: Amigurumi are puppets made with a crochet technique.
Age: The soft puppets created by BabyMonkey are perfect friends for children of all ages.
A brave dinosaur, a cute monkey, a magic unicorn and a sweet butterfly were made with love and attention to details. Their tender and cute looking makes you want to play and cuddle them. Each puppet comes with a cardboard box and a Friendship Certificate, where you will find many curiosities about their birth and their character.


Do you want to create a magical place for your little one?

Discover our Nursery Collection to let your little ones live the adventure of being astronauts or fearless explorers between dinosaurs and funny monkeys and playing in the magic world of unicorns, melodies and cheerful butterflies!

What are thay: Warm baby mats to create a play area in your home. Every parent knows that the hours spent on the floor, next to their child, are endless in their first three years of life. With a soft chenille mat, you and your child will not be in contact with the cold and hard floor but you will have a soft, warm and cozy play corner.
Age: usable from the first months of life of the baby.
Features: our mats are made with a flat texture that makes them easy to clean, both by vacuum cleaner and with washing machine to 40°.
Available in many patterns and sizes to let children travel with imagination!

What are they: Our playmats help to develop the mobility skills, the hand-eye coordination and the manual skills of the little ones.
Their cute and elaborate designs have been studied by textile designers with the help of kids educators.
The many details proposed stimulate the creativity and attention of the child, who will be spontaneously able to imagine and invent different game combinations each time.
Age: our play mats are designed for children from 18 months.
Playmats can also be used outside: just fold them and tuck them into their practical cotton backpack to enjoy a pleasant break in the open air.

Available in different patterns, our play mats are the perfect gift to find under the tree!

Thanks to the surface in soft chenille our cushion covers are perfect to complete the furniture in the various rooms of the house: your child’s bed, an armchair or a warm mat are just some of the places where they will give a touch of color and joy.
They are perfect for creating a soft corner by composing different sizes of cushions and combining them with one of our mats.
Have fun decorating environments by mixing the colors and designs you prefer!

A soft and colorful set to complete the bed of your children in the most comfortable way.
Crib sheets, cot sheets and single bed sheets to best cuddle your child resting.
Made in Italy with Oeko-Tex certified raw materials, hypoallergenic and of high quality cotton satin, our sheets are suitable for every season.
In the catalogue you will also find sheets made of bamboo in jacquard satin: soft as silk, easy to maintain like cotton.

What are they: Our tents are perfect to complete your child’s reading and playing corner, creating a secret and reserved area. A safe place for toddlers to play, read, take a nap, or use their imagination with a little privacy - while still allowing parents to control them.
Age: from 12 months your children will love it!

Baby Clothes

Set up the baby romper pack as you like: a warm romper, a pair of booties and a ski mask, all completely reversible, and a breathable lace baby bonnet. The solid color layer is in warm sherpa, the one with printed patterns is in cotton.
Available in different colors/patterns and sizes range from 0 to 3 years. Products are 100% Made in Italy with Oeko-Tex certified quality fabrics.
Perfect in the fall seasons, designed for babywearing, it is also very convenient for outdoor walks or as an alternative to the sleeping bag!

The gift-saving idea for those who have no ideas

And if you still have doubts, we have one last proposal for you! Gift Cards

What are they: our Gift Cards are valid for all purchases on the babymonkey.com store and are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.
Why choose them: If you are thinking of gifting a mother with a baby carrier, for example, and you are not sure whether she prefers a woven wrap or a baby carrier, giving her a gift card is the best solution. Or again, if you know that they love BabyMonkey products but you have lost count of what they have already purchased in the past, the gift card is the perfect gift.
How they work: To use gift cards, just copy/paste the code when checking out the order. They can be used in any period, including periods of sales and promotions, and can be combined with other payment methods.