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Hygiene and cleanliness: the little ones usually suck the shoulder straps of the baby carrier; the suck pads can be washed easily and frequently and allow to keep the baby carrier always clean and ready to use!

Protect your baby carrier: Your baby’s saliva may alter the color of the baby carrier. The use of suck pads is essential to protect it and keep its colors.

Universal: not only can they be used with any model of baby carrier but also in the car to avoid the rubbing of the belts on the delicate skin of babies and kids.

Available in over 30 colors and designs: find the ones you love!

Waterproof and windproof: This warm cover protects your baby from winter weather thanks to its outer layer of softshell technical faric.

Soft and warm: The cover is lined with soft fleece and it keeps warm even on coldest days.

Versatile: You can use it both on the front and back carry with every babywearing support. It can also be used as a universal leg cover on the stroller or on the baby car seat.

Universal: The cover suits any type of baby carrier (except one-shoulder ones) and it can be used by both mom and dad. In one size, suitable from 0 to 3/4 years.

Available in 11 color options, the sling rings are sold in pairs and are created specifically for babywearing.

Closing wraps: the rings allow to tie the wraps and carry in different positions, with less fabric so to avoid the knot being uncomfortable.

Safe: the rings are made of aluminum and have no welds, so they are very safe and there is no risk of them opening.

Available in 3 different patterns, our breastfeeding necklaces are designed for breastfeeding moms who wear wraps.

Colorful: The breastfeeding necklaces - made with natural materials and different colors - attract the attention of the child who plays with them while being breastfed or carried in the baby carrier, preventing them from clinging or scratching the mother’s neck.

Natural and high quality: Our breastfeeding necklaces are handmade in Italy, with pearls of raw natural wood and crocheted cotton. They are 100% natural and the dyeing processes of yarns and cotton are Oeko-Tex certified.

Set composed of a warm baby romper with a central zip, a pair of booties and a balaclava, all completely reversible, and a lace Baby Bonnet lightweight and breathable. The layer in solid color is made by warm sherpa, the one with printed patterns is in cotton.

Available in 4 colours/patterns and sizes range from 0 to 3 years.

Products are 100% Made in Italy with Oeko-Tex certified quality fabrics.

Perfect to be worn during fall season or on the coldest winter days when combined with our Babywearing Cover.

Idea: The baby romper is a warm alternative to the blanket, which is often lost while sleeping.

The Baby Carrier Bag by BabyMonkey is an excellent solution to store all your baby carriers, protecting them from light and dust, both at home and when you are on the go.

Versatile: Available in many different colours, it is designed to store the baby carrier or sling, but it can also be used in many other ways, such as a changing bag for kindergarten.

Practical: BabyMonkey baby carrier bag is made of 100% cotton, lightweight and compact, it closes through two practical strings placed along its sides.

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Baby Wraps and baby carriers

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Rings for babysling size L

Aluminum rings created specifically for babywearing, useful to exploit the full potential of a short wrap or to self-produce a ring sling. 

Price $4.60

Solid Color - Suck Pads and Belt Pads

BabyMonkey Suck Pads will help you protect your baby carrier, keeping the shoulder straps always clean for a better hygiene of your child.

Price $14.60

Breastfeeding necklace Heart

Breastfeeding necklace with wooden beads. Perfect for the mothers who use baby slings and breastfeed their babies.

Price $15.90

Breastfeeding necklace with wooden ring

Breastfeeding and teething necklace in untreated wood, thanks to the colors and different materials it attracts the attention of the child. Designed and manufactured in Italy it is, conceived for breastfeeding mothers who carry in baby slings.

Price $13.70

Breastfeeding charm

Feeding necklace with juniper wooden charm and washable crochet core. Perfect for the mothers who use baby slings and breastfeed their babies.

Price $11.80

Silicone Teething & Breastfeeding Necklace

Breastfeeding and teething necklace in food-grade silicone, with a minimal design, perfect for any outfit. Designed and manufactured in Italy, it is designed for breastfeeding mothers who wear baby wraps.

Price $10.00