In this guide you will find information about sizes, composition and basis weight to give you all the details you need to choose your baby slings and wraps.

Ring Slings

BabyMonkey ring slings are one size, they suit perfectly both mom and dad.
Ring slings can be used both on the right and left shoulder and they are easy to wear. Ring slings can be used from birth and they're particularly comfortable to hip carry your baby when the're about 4 months old.

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How to wear a ring sling

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how to choose woven baby wrap

Woven Baby Wrap

Size 6 is generally the most suitable for both mom and dad and it allows you to tie the wraps in different ways. If you were a sturdy or very tall it is preferable to opt for an extra size (size 7). Conversely, if you are very slim or short, you can choose a smaller size (size 5).
In case you think of sharing the wrap with your partner, it is advisable to choose the largest size between those necessary for the two different body types.

Size Guide

Choose the woven wrap size according to the carrier's size and how you want to tie it: the age or weight of the child aren't indicators to make the right choice.

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How to tie your woven baby wrap

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Fabric and composition

The best fabric for a woven wrap is undoubtedly the diagonal pattern one, which makes the wrap soft and slightly elastic. This kind of fabric ensures the best fit for the bodies of the little one and their carrier, an optimal weight distribution and adequate support for the child. The wraps also have different compositions (blend) of the fabric: BabyMonkey woven wraps are 100% cotton made and they're also available in a Linen blend version.

Basis Weight

The basis weight is nothing more than the weight of the wrap expressed in grams per square meter. The higher it is, the thicker and more supportive the fabric. The weight is expressed in g/sqm and technically is the weight of the material (cotton, linen, bamboo, etc.) that is in a square meter of fabric. Higher weight means more material or heavier fabric, lower weight means less material or less heavy fabric.

BabyMonkey produces medium weight wraps (around 250 g/sqm) that adapt very well to different weights and ages, following the child's growth, from when they're newborns up to 18 kilos (39 lbs).

BabyMonkey® Woven Baby Wraps

Our most comfortable and versatile baby sling, perfect to carry for long time, from birth up to 18 kilos (39 lbs).

Our easiest-to-wear baby sling. A ring sling is great for breastfeeding and it is perfect to be carried in your purse for any emergency.