Unlike carrying in your arms, practicing babywearing with your child using a baby carrier and a sling gives stability, postural relaxation and weight relief supporting your back, as well as numerous psycho-physical advantages. To fully benefit from babywearing, it is essential to choose an ergonomic baby carrier.

The importance of ergonomics!

Ergonomic Supports

baby sling

Baby's weight is well distributed on your back, shoulders and hips

Being into their physiological position, the baby can rest their head on you

As in mother's womb, baby's back gets their natural C-shape

Baby's legs adopt the most correct position: M position

Comfort and relationship benefit from the higher position of the baby

NON-Ergonomic Supports

Baby slings

Your back feels more weight

Baby's head is not supported, therefore their neck is constantly under stress

Baby's back adopt a wrong position

The baby is placed lower, damaging your comfort and communication

With their legs hanging, all the weight of the child is discharged on their groin

How do you recognize an ergonomic support?

Benefits of Babywearing

1 - Autonomy

Being able to live everyday life with a baby, whether it’s a newborn or a child of several months, who often needs the continuous contact of the mother, can be really challenging. Thanks to babywearing, this contact is made of containment, satisfaction of the primary needs and perfume of mother, as well as psychophysical benefits, motor and cognitive development and much more.

babywearing benefits and autonomy
Babywearing reducing infant crying

2 - Reducing infant crying

Thanks to babywearing, children cry less and sleep more. The containment and sense of fulfillment that kids experience inside the sling or the ergonomic baby carrier, help children to be more serene and relaxed.

3 - Breastfeeding and Bonding

Being close to mum with babywearing increases the production of oxytocin and prolactin, the love hormons that encourage the breast milk production and then the start of a good breastfeeding. The same hormones also play a key role in the bonding process between mom or dad and their baby.

Babywearing: breastfeeding and bonding
Babywearing reflux and colic help

4 - A help to reduce colics and reflux

The practice of babywearing helps the baby adapting to the extrauterine life and in the management of infant colic and any problems of reflux or simply digestion, thanks to the vertical position of the child.

5 - Psychomotor and cognitive development

The child carried with the ergonomic baby carrier or sling develops early the proprioceptive sense. By practicing Babywearing with an ergonomic support, the vertical position of the child and their ability to cling thanks to the primordial reflex of grasping, makes him supporting their to the support of the nape and torso.

Babywearing psycomotor development
Contatto and containment thanks to babywearing

6 - Contact and containment hold

Continuous contact given by babywearing has a positive effect on vital functions such as cardiac and respiratory activity, growth and also as a response to stress in terms of adaptation to life. Babywearing also has an important role in containing from the excesses of external stimuli, the mother carrier becomes a "filter" through which the child perceives the world.

7 - Thermoregulation

The mother’s body temperature regulates the child’s temperature thanks to the process of "thermal synchrony". The practice of skin to skin applied at birth has such functionality, ideal for prematures and newborns but also strategically used in case of fevers.

Babywearing and thermoregulation
Babywearing and practicality

8 - Endless walking

Babymonkey Ergonomic baby slings and carriers do not encumber, they can be carried anywhere! Thanks to Babywearing you can reach places which are difficult to access with a stroller. Stairs, doors, public transport, beaches, trails... with babywearing are no longer a problem!

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