Care Tips

Follow the washing instructions and pay attention to the care of the baby carrier to preserve its characteristics.

baby carrier washing care safety
how to wash baby carrier


Follow the washing instruction on the label. We suggest washing the baby carrier alone after after closing all buckles. The fabric can be damaged in contact with velcros, hooks or similar.

baby carrier dryer


We DO NOT recommend to dry the baby carrier in the dryer. Dry the baby carrier in the air, avoiding direct sunlight.

baby carrier ironing


Do NOT iron the baby carrier as buckles and paddings may be damaged by excessive heat.


Carrying a baby in a baby carrier is a pleasure both for the carrier and the baby, but you must be careful and sensible: your baby’s safety is first of all your responsibility. If your baby is premature or has some health issues refer to your pediatrician before using a baby carrier.


The physiological position of a baby during the carriage with a baby carrier is with their legs slightly opened and their hips in squatted seated positions, drawing an imaginary "M". In doing so, the back of the baby take its physiological "C" shaped spine and the weight is distributed on the pelvis. Baby's face must always be visible and never covered by the fabric so that they can breathe easily. The correct position to carry your baby is the one allowing you to easily kiss their head.

baby carrier ergonomic position
baby carrier positions


The adjustments of the baby carrier should be set so that your child’s body adheres to yours and you both feel comfortable. When you carry your baby, it is a good habit to check that the seat of the baby carrier reaches under their knees, thus acting as a uniform support. BabyMonkey baby carrier offers an excellent support, essential for the correct posture of the child.

baby carrier washing instructions
baby carrier activities to avoid

Activties to avoid

When carrying your baby avoid dangerous activities: do NOT drive, ride a bike, a motorbike or others; do NOT wear your baby carrier while cooking or using dangerous objects; do NOT use it when taking a shower or being into the water.

how to dress with a baby carrier


Wearing suitable clothes is important to obtain the best comfort both for you and your baby: remember that your bodies will mutually benefit of their heat and that the sling will work as a cover for the little one. Check periodically your child's thermal condition..

preservation baby carrier


For your baby’s safety, periodically check your baby carrier: should there be any wear signs do not use it.

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