BabyABC - PlayMat play and learn with letters


Thanks to BabyABC, kids can approach the world of reading and writing at an early age, learning while having fun.

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The carpet BabyABC game contributes to develop the motor skills, eye-hand coordination and dexterity of the smallest.

The child can match the letters in fabric to the shapes of the letters of the alphabet on the mat, also can have fun experimenting and compose the words with the letters in cloth in the appropriate space dotted.

Made in Italy with certified raw materials, the surface is soft chenille. The anti-slip rubberization on the back makes it firm and stable even if you move on it.

Easy to clean thanks to the flat texture is comfortably machine washable at home.

Package content:

  • 78 soft cloth lettersEach letter of the alphabet is present 3 times, allowing the child to compose many different words.
  • 1 mat (35x145cm) with the shapes of the letters of the alphabet and a special dotted space where the child can have fun composing words with the letters in cloth

Data sheet

40% Acrylic 40% Polyester 20% Cotton

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BabyABC - PlayMat play and...


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