BabyMonkey Baby Carrier is the perfect solution for active and fashionable parents who want the best comfort for their children thanks to its extraordinary ergonomic structure, quality materials and wearability.

  • Ergonomic position of the legs, with wide seat
  • Soft padded straps
  • Padded support for the baby’s legs
  • Excellent stability of the belt
  • Possibility of front or back position
  • Comfortable hood to cover or support the baby’s head when sleeping
  • 100% jacquard cotton fabric
  • Dyeing processes and yarns are Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class 1 certified
  • Designed and made in Italy

Ergonomic Position

The panel of BabyMonkey contains the baby in a wide seat that allows the baby’s legs to be well opened, with his/her knees higher than the baby’s bottom (“M” position), allowing the baby’s back to acquire its natural c-curved position. BabyMonkey baby carrier guarantees an excellent adherence of the baby to the parent’s body, comfort and stability. BabyMonkey baby carrier has a sturdy belt and soft padded straps, the baby’s weight is well distributed on both hips in order to avoid an excessive effort of the carrier’s back and shoulders. Thanks to its comfortable shape it helps maintain a balanced and comfortable support both in the back and in the front position.

Possibility of different positions: mom-front or on the back

With BabyMonkey baby carrier there are two different possibilities: in front (mom front) and on the back. In fact, with our structured supports, the physiological position of the baby is guaranteed only with these two positions. In particular we advise against the “world front” position, with any kind of support as it is dangerous for the baby, because he acquires a non-physiological position, his/her back cannot maintain the natural c-curved position and it does not have a proper support. Moreover, the baby is over exposed to the external stimuli.

Easy to wear and adjust

BabyMonkey baby carrier can be easily worn and it perfectly adjusts to all builds (of both parents and children) thanks to its practical regulation systems.

Always with you

Our practical baby carrier can be folded and put in the changing bag or under the stroller, taking up very little space when not used.

Safe fabrics

All the fabrics used for this product are delicate on your baby’s skin and safe if put into his/her mouth. The yarns and the dyeing processes are Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class 1 certified. This means they do not contain chemicals and allergens. Particularly the fabric used for the product is 100% jacquard cotton, perfect to softly embrace your baby.

Comfortable hood

BabyMonkeybaby carrier has a comfortable hood to protect your baby’s head from the sun, wind or rain or to support his/her head when sleeping.

Regolo Baby Carrier

The top characteristics of Regolo baby carrier are those shown below:

Perfect from 5,5kg to 4 years (18kg)

Regolo BabyMonkey baby carrier, thanks to its adjustable panel and to the different possibilities of straps lock, allows to adjust the seat according to the baby’s size and to carry children from 5,5 kg to 4 years of age (18 kg).

3d net for a top comfort of the carrier

The 3d 100% cotton net on the back of the straps and of the belt guarantees the best possible comfort for the carrier. It conveys the baby carrier the possibility to let the parent’s skin transpire in the support areas where he/she is more likely to sweat, as well as a better grip and stability of the product. All this without renouncing to the contact with the natural cotton fibre .

Practical pocket for your objects

The belt has an integrated pocket where you can put small objects like a smart-phone, your keys, cards or anything useful. The zip guarantees a safe closing.

Agilo Baby Carrier

The top characteristics of Agilo baby carrier are those shown below.

At any age its size

The baby carrier Agilo by BabyMonkey, thanks to the different sizes available, allows to carry children from 5-6 months (5,5 kg) until 4 years (18/20 kg) of age.

Standard: Perfect for carrying children from 5 (about 65cm high) to 18 (about 85cm high) months of age, but it can be used until 20 kg of weight.

Toddler: Perfect for carrying children from 15 (about 80 cm high) to 36 (about 95cm high) months of age, but it can be used until 20 kg of weight.

Preschooler: Perfect for carrying children from 30 (about 95cm high) months onwards, but it can be used until 20 kg of weight.

We absolutely advise against the use of the baby carrier with new born babies even if a reduction is added. The only support that can be used since the very first day of your baby is the baby sling (discover all our models on the website