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The shoulders strap pads by BabyMonkey will help you protect your baby carrier, keeping the straps clean in order to guarantee your baby’s hygiene.

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Easy to put on and off, they are made with safe and non toxic materials, as a consequence they are not dangerous even if the baby puts them into his/her mouth .

They are 13 cm long and they can be used on straps that are up to 9 cm long, they are perfect for the baby carriers Regolo and Agilo, but they are suitable for many other models on the market.

Comfortable and adaptable, you can use them as safety belt pads for car seats and strollers, protecting your baby from the annoying rubbing of the straps.

Material & Care:

• Outer layer: 100% cotton, Inner layer: 100% cotton terry towelling

• Washable at 40°C


Data sheet

100% Cotton

Specific References

rating 10

Acquistati per proteggere il marsupio dalle ciucciate del mio puffo! Ho un marsupio sobrio, ho dato un tocco in più con questo colore!!

Ottimi copri spallacci
rating 10
Ho acquistato questi ottimi copri spallacci per un marsupio di altro marchio. Sono risultati compatibili. Buon tessuto e disegno fantastico. Il marsupio con la stessa fantasia deve essere stupendo!!! \r\n

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