Suck Pads for babycarrier and Belt Pads
Suck Pads for babycarrier and Belt Pads
Suck Pads for babycarrier and Belt Pads

TwinkleTwinkle - Suck Pads and Belt Pads


BabyMonkey Suck Pads will help you protect your baby carrier, keeping the shoulder straps always clean for a better hygiene of your child.

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Easy to attach and remove, they are made of non-toxic and safe materials, so no danger if they come into contact with the mouth of the baby.

Hygiene and cleanliness: the little ones love to suck the shoulder straps of the baby carrier. Suck Pads are easier to wash frequently and allow you to always have your baby carrier clean and ready to use!
Protect your baby carrier: baby’s saliva can alter the color of a baby carrier. The use of suck pads is essential to protect shoulder straps and keep their colors.
Universal: suck pads are 13 cm long and can be used on shoulder straps up to 9 cm wide, perfect for our Regolo and Agilo baby carriers, they also fit many other models of baby carriers on the market. They can also be used as belt pads for car seats and strollers, avoiding the rubbing of the belts on the delicate skin of children.


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100% Cotton

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rating 10
Sono comodissime, si mettono e tolgono in un attimo e si possono lavare più spesso rispetto al marsupio intero!

TwinkleTwinkle - Suck Pads...


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