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Peahen | Regolo Ergonomic Baby Carrier
Peahen | Regolo Ergonomic Baby Carrier
Peahen | Regolo Ergonomic Baby Carrier
Peahen | Regolo Ergonomic Baby Carrier
Peahen | Regolo Ergonomic Baby Carrier
Peahen | Regolo Ergonomic Baby Carrier
Peahen | Regolo Ergonomic Baby Carrier
Peahen | Regolo Ergonomic Baby Carrier
Peahen | Regolo Ergonomic Baby Carrier

Peahen - Regolo Ergonomic Baby Carrier


Regolo Peahen is the ergonomic and evolutionary baby carrier that grows with your child! Its pattern is inspired by the elegant tail of peahens with colored feathers. Regolo design, weaving and packaging are 100% Made in Italy.

Size Guide
Color: Red
Size: Original (2+ months)
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Available in 2 different sizes, both adjustable:

Newborn: to carry babies from birth (3,5kg) to 24 months, and it can be used up to 18 kg. (7.7-39.7 lbs)

Original: to carry babies starting from 2+ months (5,5kg), it can be used up to 18 kg.(12-39.7 lbs)

Regolo: discover all features

marsupio porta bebè Regolo
Shoulder straps double coupling

Shoulder straps double coupling

baby carrier safety band

Closure with safety ribbon

Padded support for the baby’s legs

Padded support for baby’s legs

baby carrier regolo adjustable panle

Adjustable panel in width/height

baby carrier adjustable hood

Hood to support baby's head

baby carrier 3D net

3D breathable cotton net

baby carrier shoulder straps

Soft padded shoulder straps

baby carrier regolo pocket

Small pocket with zipper

Ergonomic Baby Carrier Positions

Do you know how to recognize an ergonomic baby carrier?

Suitable for every occasion.

Which are the main benefits for you and your baby?

Why choose Regolo BabyMonkey® ergonomic baby carrier?

and hygiene

child carrier backpack bebè BabyMonkey

BabyMonkey baby carriers are easy to maintain, machine-washable at 30° - delicate wash cycle - and they dry in the air.

Made in Italy

baby carrier made in Italy

Every BabyMonkey Baby Carrier is studied, designed and made in Italy. We produce high quality products thanks to the expertise we gained in the textile industry.

Comfortable and ergonomic

erognomic baby carrier BabyMonkey

All BabyMonkey baby carriers are ergonomic and designed to give you and your baby the highest comfort. Babies' physiological position is guaranteed and their weight is evenly distributed.

Quality and

child carrier backpack BabyMonkey

We only use high quality raw materials, with certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100 yarns. Our baby carriers are designed and tested according to UNI11736: 2020 and CEN TR 16512-2015 norm.

Any ideas on how to use an ergonomic baby carrier? Here you can find our tutorials to learn how to wear them with different positions


Premature babies and/or with health problems: it is recommended to seek advice from your doctor before using the product.


Data sheet

100% Cotton
320 g/m2
From 5,5 kg to 4 years of age (18 kg)
Panel size
Newborn Size: Minimum length 23cm, maximum 40cm, minimum width 14cm maximum 37cm. Original Size: Minimum length 32cm, maximum 45cm, minimum width 25cm maximum 44cm
Belt width
Maximum: 125cm / Minimum: 62cm
In accordance with
UNI11736: 2020 and CEN TR 16512-2015 norm

Specific References

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Ottimo marsupio
rating 8
Materiale ottimo e fantasia bellissima!marsupio molto intuitivo da usare e molto comodo.
Cose migliorabili :il poggia testa magari staccabile e la taschina sul fondo praticamente inutile.
Semplicemente fantastico
rating 10
Marsupio di ottima qualità, l’ho adorato da subito, semplice da usare !
rating 10
Azienda top, colori e fantasia top..
rating 10
Marsupio bellissimo e fatto con materiali di qualità.
Semplicemente unico!!
rating 10

Fantastico!! L'ho preso per il secondo figlio e mi spiace non averlo scoperto con là prima! Era da tanto che cercavo un marsupio che dava la possibilità di mettere il bambino anche sulla schiena!! Di una comodità unica e mi sono innamorata della fantasia pavone ? veramente lo consiglio tantissimo!!

Ottimo prodotto
rating 10
Prodotto di ottima qualità, facile da indossare e regolare! Molto leggero e morbido! La fantasia è bellissima!
rating 10
Fantasia e tessuto sono stupendi. Il marsupio si regola in un attimo ed è davvero comodo! La bimba non pesa molto, 8 kg, però è come non averla, il peso scarica benissimo. In più è made in Italy! Più che consigliato!
Peahen - Regolo Marsupio Ergonomico - Colore : Rosso
rating 10
Opinione personale: fantasia stupenda!

Peahen - Regolo Ergonomic...


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