Heart-shaped Teething & Breastfeeding Necklace

Heart-shaped Teething & Breastfeeding Necklace


Breastfeeding and teething necklace with heart-shaped pendant and wooden and silicone beads. Designed and manufactured in Italy, it is designed for breastfeeding mothers who wear baby wraps.

Color: Light blue

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The BabyMonkey silicone nursing and teething necklace is composed of untreated wooden beads, covered in crocheted cotton, and food grade silicone beads, BPA free and completely safe for your baby’s health.

The closure is made of plastic and the satin cord is robust and tear resistant. Nursing and teething necklaces measure between 60 cm and 80 cm, a measure that makes them easily accessible to the baby during breastfeeding or while being carried in a sling or baby carrier.

Thanks to the sturdy satin cord, the breastfeeding necklace cannot break, also the length of the cord can be easily changed.

What is the nursing and teething necklace for?

  • in the moment ofbreastfeeding, especially when it begins to be "busty": instead of distracting from sounds and movements, thanks to the BabyMonkey breastfeeding necklace, the baby keeps the concentration on the bottle or breast, satisfying their curiosity by manipulating the necklace.
  • entertains the child during the babywearing, when carrying it with a baby carrier.
  • in the period of teething, the baby can find relief to sore gums by using the nursing necklace as a teether

Warnings: Although the beads are securely assembled, it should be remembered that these silicone nursing necklaces are an accessory for mom, and as such it is not recommended to let the child play without the supervision of an adult.

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Lavabile con acqua tiepida e sapone

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