Butterfly - Teepee indian Tent Set

Our tents are perfect to furnish a reading and playing spot for your child, creating a secret and cosy space. A safe place where little children can play, read, have a nap or use their imagination with a little privacy, while allowing their parents to have them under control.

Pack description

The teepee tents by BabyMonkey are made with great care for details and materials. 100% cotton (we use only Oeko-Tex certified raw materials), our tents are natural and non-toxic. The poles of the tent are made of natural pine wood, they are resistant and lightweight and do not contain any dangerous chemical. The rubber nubs located at the base of the poles give the structure a better stability and allow to protect delicate surfaces and floors.

Lightweight and easy to assembly, our tents come in colourful bag perfect to move the tent whenever you want without physical effort.

You can make the tent even more comfortable by matching it with our soft chenille mats and cushions or with our padded toy mat.

The set includes:

  • 1 100% cotton tent (Oeko-Tex certified raw materials)
  • 4 pine wood poles
  • 1 matched padded play mat

Pack content

Our Indian Teepee Tent is perfect to decorate your kids' bedroom. Create a room furnished with care, with montessoriani details and perfect for the growth of your child. Lightweight and easy to assemble, the tent is sold with a colorful bag in which to store it, making it ideal to be carried anywhere you want without effort.

The BabyMonkey kids' play teepee tents are created with great attention to detail and materials used. Lightweight and easy to fit, the teepee tent is made of 100% cotton Jacquard fabric, Oeko-Tex certified. The poles in untreated pine wood, resistant and light, have non-slip rubber pads on their lower ends that give stability to the structure and protect the floors.

Make your child’s play tent even more comfortable by combining it with ours:

Package contains:

  • 1 Oeko-Tex Certified 100% Cotton Woven Tent
  • 4 Wooden poles of untreated pine, resistant and light with applied anti-slip rubber pads
  • 1 colorful bag for carrying the tent

Data sheet

100% Cotton
Basis 110x110 cm Height 120 cm
Yarn dyed Jacquard

BabyMonkey Padded Play Mat has a soft surface perfect for babies' tummy time, to pamper themselves or take a soft nap!

The BabyMonkey Padded Play Mat is meant to be paired with our Teepee Tent, making them even more welcoming.

It is perfect to decorate the kids' room, the playroom or to create a soft corner for your baby's tummy time. Its surface is double face: you can alternate from time to time the color you like.

Our padded mats are made of hypoallergenic microfiber and certified raw materials Oeko-Tex, they're soft and resistant to peeling.

Data sheet

Exterior: 100% Polyester Microfiber - Interior: 100% Polyester Fiber
80 g/m2
110x110 cm

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