The custom of carrying children in contact with one’s body is rooted in antique cultures wisdom. The comfort of carrying babies safely while doing daily activities becomes a practical benefit in modern times, too. Reevaluating this antique habit is also an occasion to have an authentic contact with our babies, in the most natural way, as in a warm hug. The use of BabyMonkey babycarrier has several advantages both for children and parents.

Correct posture

The physiological position of a baby during the carriage with a baby sling is with his/her legs slightly opened and his/her knees higher than the bottom, drawing an imaginary M. In doing so, the vertebral column and the neck of the baby will have a naturally curved position distributing the weight on the pelvis, perfect for the correct posture. BabyMonkey babycarrier offer an excellent support, necessary for the correct position of the baby.

Sweet feeling of protection

Carrying a baby in a babycarrier will allow him/her to discover the world safely. Being so near to his/her parent’s body, the heat and the beat of the heart create a cozy environment where the baby will feel calm and safe: this will allow him/her to catch all the stimuli from the new daily life; when he/she feels tired, he/she will just close his/her eyes and let him/herself to be carried along by the sweetest sleep: near you.

Parent baby contact

BabyMonkey babycarrier gives the opportunity to create a special contact between the parent and his/her baby. The closeness, the comfort and the emotional feeding make the moments with your baby unique. These moments become a real cuddle for both parents and babies.


Carrying the baby with a babycarrier allows the parent to have him/her near for a long time , without tiring the back, hips and arms. Our babycarriers, if properly used, are a totally ergonomic support as they allow to distribute the weight of the baby in a uniform way on the body of the carrier. With BabyMonkey babycarrier you will always have the baby near you in safety while doing all your daily life activities in freedom.

Strolls without limits

BabyMonkey babycarrier do not clutter, they can be taken everywhere and they allow to go to places which are difficult to reach with a stroller. Stairs, doors, public transport, beaches, mountain paths… with BabyMonkey they are not a problem anymore!