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Tribeca - BabyMonkey Products Display

Cardboard POS display dedicated to our Babywearing products: Woven wraps and ring slings, baby carriers and babywearing covers. Composed of 4 three-sided modules in double-wave cardboard. Thanks to its particular shape ensures excellent visibility and it attracts the attention of you cients and...

Price $32.80

Vertical Cardboard Display by BabyMonkey

The vertical cardoard display is the perfect solution for displaying BabyMonkey products in a functional and sustainable way. Lightweight and easy to handle, it can be moved easily, without sacrificing sturdiness.

Price $98.40

Roll Up - Regolo Baby Carrier

Roll up display dedicated to Regolo baby carrier, perfect to attract the attention to the products by setting up your store with a minimum footprint.

Price $36.10

Locandine pubblicitarie prodotti Babywearing

Le locandine sono il mezzo perfetto per dar maggior rilievo ai prodotti BabyMonkey presenti nel tuo negozio.

Price $0.00