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Abruzzo - Ring sling


Available in different sizes, all BabyMonkey slings have a diagonal twist of the fabric and a 67cm width, allowing you to surround your baby in the best way. Soft, comfortable and robust, they are suitable for both newborn babies and older/heavier children. 100% made of natural fibres, they are characterized by jacquard decorated patterns.

Design, weaving and tailoring: the production process of BabyMonkey slings is 100% made in Italy. Choose your sling, Rigid or Ring sling, and discover all the advantages and the comforts of having your baby always near you.


How to use it

  • Front carry ring sling

    Front carry
    (0+ mesi)

  • Hip carry ring sling

    Hip carry
    (3+ mesi)

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One size

One size

One size

Size guide
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The ring sling is fast and intuitive to wear on the side, you can use it since your baby is born and it is incredibly comfortable when the baby is about 4 months old to use on the side. It is excellent when breastfeeding and you should always have it in your bag in case of “emergency“. On our website you can choose the right or the left shoulder and this will be the position of the rings.

For instance, if you choose a right shoulder sling the rings will be on the right and the baby on the left and vice versa. This does not mean you cannot use a right shoulder sling on the left, but the pattern of the sling will be upside down.

Data sheet

One size 200 cm
Approx 67 cm

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Abruzzo - Ring sling