Babymonkey clothing set, ideal to carry your child even on the coolest days.

winter baby romper newborn
Lace baby bonnet Newborns and Kids

Lace baby bonnet

Ski Mask Babies and Kids

SKi mask to protect neck and ears

Baby Booties Newborns and Kid

Baby Booties to keep toes warm

Baby Romper Newborns and Kids

Warm and Soft Baby Romper for newborns and kids

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You can buy the baby romper alone, or set up the pack depending on your needs

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Adaptable clothing for every occasion

babywearing baby romper newborn
winter baby romper stroller
winter baby romper kid
baby romper newborn sleeping bag

Specifically designed for babywearing, our baby romper is very comfortable and it does not limit the kid's agility of movement, making it ideal even when they walk or sit in the stroller. Perfect for middle seasons, it is perfect even on the coldest winter days when combined with our Babywearing Cover. Also, it is a warm alternative to the blanket, which is often moved while babies are sleeping.

Attention to details

Double-faced and warm baby romper

Babymonkey romper is suitable for babies and children up to 3 years and it is easily worn over baby's clothes thanks to the central zipper. It keeps kids warm without cluttering up - as it is the case with a padded jumpsuit - and it allows them to move easily. Perfect for middle seasons, it is even warmer when used in combination with Babymonkey Babywearing Cover.

winter baby romper newborn

Ski Mask

Babymonkey ski mask is designed to protect kids from the wind and cold and it is perfect to match with the romper. It’s reversible: one side is made of jersey and the other is sherpa cotton fleece, all Oeko-tex certified.

ski mask newborn

Lace baby bonnet

Babymonkey baby bonnet is designed to keep baby's head prtected when the temperatures are not too cold.

lace baby bonnet newborn kid

Baby Booties

Babymonkey baby booties are soft and super warm. Perfect to match with our baby romper, they keep the legs warm and are double-faced just like the baby romper and the ski mask: one side is jersey and the other is made of sherpa cotton fleece, all Oeko-tex certified.

Baby booties newborn kid

What if it’s really cold? To ensure extra warmth, combine the baby romper to our babywearing cover: lined in soft fleece, waterproof and windproof, protects from rain and colder temperatures!

Cover Babywearing

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