Here's why a Baby Sling is the best choice for newborns:

Baby slings ensure newborns assume the fetal position, with their legs bent and their back in the physiological “C” shaped spine. This is not possible with structured carriers such as a baby carrier, which force a newborn to widen their legs excessively and to keep their back straighter.

1 - Need of contact

The need of contact for a newborn is one of their primary needs, such as eating, drinking, breathing, and it can be satisfied with a baby sling. The contact "heart to heart" create intimacy with the little one, it helps to establish a profound relationship with daddy and gives mummy a natural and physiological continuation of pregnancy. Newborns slings are the best solution to satisfy the profound emotional needs of both parents and kids, as well as to the necessity of freedom of movement of the carrier.

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2 - A balanced growth

Carrying a newborn with a baby sling protects them from too many external stimuli, which are "filtered" by mum or dad. Baby's solar plexus, their area of emotions, is protected; the movements of the newborn in the sling help their physical development. The feeling of security given to the kid is fundamental in the development of their own image and of their autonomous personality.

3 - Breastfeeding

The contact of a newborn with their mum, granted by the use of a baby sling especially within their first weeks of life, helps to increase milk's production, by fostering the growth of oxytocin (love hormone) and consequently of prolactin. Moreover, thanks to the baby sling mum is able to comfortably breastfeeding, even when they don't find a proper place.

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4 - Thermoregulatory function

During the very first weeks after birth, newborns are still not able to regulate autonomously their own body temperature. Being in contact over a long period with mum or dad's body in a sling, fosters the newborn's thermoregulatory function, which is essential to stabilize their body temperature.

5 - Baby colic and their persistent crying

Baby colic is very hard and frustrating for parents, struggling to give their baby some relief and to calm down their persistent crying. Studies by experts and pediatricians show that baby colic treatment can be fostered effectively by carrying babies in a sling during daytime, even while sleeping.

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6 - Beddy-bye

Baby slings are very helpful to make the baby fall asleep thanks to these essential elements: closeness and contact with mummy or daddy, the heat of their body and the thermoregulatory function, the heartbeat and the movements rocking the baby, and the sense of nurturing and protection felt. During daytime, a baby sling helps the sleep of the newborns, improving its quality and its length.

7 - Connecting with Daddy

The bond between a mother and her kid is very profound and it establishes even before giving birth to the baby. The relationship between a dad and his little one, instead, is not so immediate and taken for granted as with mum since the very first days of a newborn's life. Thanks to a baby sling, dads can have a constant and prolonged contact with their baby, who learn to recognize dad's smell and sound of voice by cuddling on their chest.

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8 - Versatility and comfort

The main advantages of baby slings for newborns are versatility and comfort, as well as the small volume they have when folded. A baby sling suits every place in which a stroller would be uncomfortable and it can be used both indoor and outdoor, in every season. When a cregiver carries their baby, they can change several positions, which ensure comfort for a longer period of use. A baby sling suits perfectly newborns' small dimensions and it adapts to the growth of the baby, who can be carried up to 18 kilos (39 lbs).

What if they say you're spoiling your baby?

Does the baby carried in a baby sling get spoiled? Will they learn to walk late? Will they be less independent?

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