• We suggest following the washing instruction on the label.

• In order to avoid the contact with potentially allergenic substances, we advise against using fabric softener and we suggest washing our slings with only little eco-friendly detergents. Do not use detergents with bleach, perfumes, dyes, chlorine, or optical brightener.

• Close hook before washing.

• As for all the other textile products, also the Babymonkey baby carrier could be damaged by the contact with buckles, hooks, Velcro, etc... Check carefully the other garments in the washing machine.

• Do not machine wash frequently. Disclaimer: BabyMonkey uses only the highest quality and safest dyes possible to ensure a product that will retain its color, but is free from harmful chemicals. There is always a possibility that colors will fade with washing. BabyMonkey cannot be held responsible for faded colors due to laundering.


Carrying a baby in a baby carrier is a pleasure both for the carrier and the baby, but you must be careful and sensible: your baby’s safety is first of all your responsibility.

Physiological position

The physiological position of a baby during the carriage with a baby carrier is with his/her legs slightly opened and his/her knees higher than the bottom, drawing an imaginary M. In doing so, the vertebral column and the neck of the baby will have a naturally curved position distributing the weight on the pelvis, perfect for the correct posture. The face must always be visible and never covered by the fabric so that the baby can breathe easily. The correct height to carry your baby is the one allowing you to easily kiss his/her little head.


When carrying your baby avoid dangerous activities, such as driving.


Wearing suitable clothes is important to obtain the best comfort both for you and your baby: remember that your bodies will mutually benefit of their heat and that the baby carrier will work as a cover.


For your baby’s safety, periodically check your baby carrier: should there be any wear signs do not use it.