Calavera - Baby wrap sling


Available in different sizes, all BabyMonkey slings have a diagonal twist of the fabric and a 67cm width, allowing you to surround your baby in the best way. Soft, comfortable and robust, they are suitable for both newborn babies and older/heavier children. 100% made of natural fibres, they are characterized by jacquard decorated patterns.

Design, weaving and tailoring: the production process of BabyMonkey slings is 100% made in Italy. Choose your sling, Rigid or Ring sling, and discover all the advantages and the comforts of having your baby always near you.

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Long woven Baby sling (size 5-6-7)

The most suitable baby sling when your baby is a newborn is the long 100% cotton sling, as it is particularly soft and practical. A size 6 (4,60 mt) is the most suitable as it allows to do most bindings and can be used from the birth until the end of the “path”, allowing to carry the baby belly to belly, on the side and on the back. If you are particularly curvy we suggest a size 7 (5,20 mt), on the contrary, if you are particularly puny, a size 5 may be enough. We suggest that you use belly to belly bindings such as the FWCC or embracing Cross when the baby is a newborn. You can start carrying your baby on the side with specific bindings such as the Sling on the side since your baby is able to hold his head up (usually at around 4 months). When the baby is able to sit up (usually at around 6-7 months) you can start using back bindings such as the simple Backpack. Independently from the kind of baby carrier it is NOT advisable to carry the baby forward facing, it is dangerous for the baby as he/she will acquire a non physiological posture because his/her back will not maintain the C curving and it is not supported. Moreover the child will be over exposed to external stimuli

Short woven Baby sling (size 3-4)

Available only upon request by email [email protected]

The shortest sizes (3 and 4) are generally used to carry the baby on the side or on the back, but they are suitable for those who already own a long sling and want to buy a second sling to use with a child who is not a newborn anymore. The compositions which include linen or have high density are particularly suitable for heavy children as they are more supportive. Moreover linen blend slings have a composition that makes them perfect during the hot season.

Data sheet

100% Cotton
250 g/m2
From 3,5kg to 18kg
Size 3- 320 cm / Size 4- 360 cm / Size 5-420 cm / Size 6- 460 cm / Size 7- 520 cm
Approx 67 cm

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La tela es muy buena, nos nudos se quedan fijos, el estampado lo amé, al bebé le encanta y va muy cómodo
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Sostiene bene il mio bimbo di 10kg e la fantasia è stupenda
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Fascia molto bella e si vede che è fatta con amore

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Ottimo prodotto, descrizione corrispondente alla realtà
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Bellissima leggera e sostenitiva, il disegno
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Comprata per portare la piccola di sette mesi, siamo stati in gita e la grande di quasi quattro anni si
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Ho scoperto questo marchio x caso ma me ne sono subito innamorata! La fascia
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Molto bella . Non l'ho ancora usata. Forse un p
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Calavera - Baby wrap sling